Vol. XXXIII | 1925-2218

Table of Contents

Regional Development and Increasing Returns

Chen Gongyue Gary and Yiu-fai Lee

Slow-Growth, High-Income Provinces: A Paradox Resolved

Jean-Luc Migué and Gérard Bélanger

Regional Employment Changes in a Booming Resource Economy: A Modified Shift-Share Analogue Regression of Changes in Employment Patterns within the Economic Regions of Alberta

James A. Brox, Emanuel Carvalho and Jon Mackay

A Note on Forecasting Cross Border Shopping: The Virtue of Simplicity

Nicole S. C. Jones and Xavier de Vanssay

Improving Access to Land Price Data: A Spatial Decision Support System for Cleansing Land Registry Data

Jamie E. L. Spinney, Pavlos S. Kanaroglou and Hugh A. Millward

Regional Air Transport in Québec: Trends and Challenges

Isabelle Dostaler and Thomas J. Tomberlin

Migration as a "Catastrophe": Visual Analyses of Four Models

Jeremiah Allen

Analyse comparée des mécanismes de prix des différents marchés fonciers : terres agricoles et littoral en Charente-Maritime (France)

Jeanne Dachary-Bernard et Sandrine Lyser

Les stations de moyenne montagne ébranlées par le développement des loisirs de proximité : L'exemple de deux stations périurbaines de Grenoble

Hugues François et Sylvain Billet

Le système hiérarchique urbain canadien 1971-2001

Aurelie Lalanne et Guillaume Pouyanne

Convergence Measures between and within Canada and China

Ablajan Sulaiman and Christopher Bryant


Trade, Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Key Issues for Small States, Least Developed Countries and Vulnerable Economies

Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Malena Sell and Janet Strachan (eds.), by Kolson Schlosser