Higgs: peu de promesses électorales, beaucoup d’improvisation

Alexandre Boudreau, L'Acadie Nouvelle

Le 8 février 2023
Minister LeBlanc announces appointments to the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments
Adapted from Government: Have Presidents and Prime Ministers Misdiagnosed the Patient?

How top-down government in democratic countries has created unworkable systems


Toronto Star

July 23, 2022

Under pressure: Canadians are losing trust in their governments, adding stress to our public institutions


The Globe and Mail

July 2, 2022

June 22, 2021

Higgs II Polimeter: 80 New Promises

Moncton, NB – The Donald J. Savoie Institute (DJSI) launches its Higgs II Polimeter to measure the Progressive Conservative government’s success at fulfilling its electoral promises during its second term.

Professor Arsenault has been at l’École des hautes études publiques at the Université de Moncton since 2016. He has published widely in Canadian Politics and Canadian Public Policy.

The Donald J. Savoie Institute (DJSI) has signed a four-year agreement with McGill–Queen’s University Press (MQUP) concerning the creation of the Louis J. Robichaud Collection.

An intimate discussion with Donald J. Savoie during the Canada Council for the Art's 2015 Killam Prize.

An op-ed by Donald J. Savoie in the Globe and Mail, 4 March 2019 »
John Ivison, National Post, 3 September 2019 »
Much has been written recently about the rise of within-country inequality and growing imbalances of regional fortunes in the US and EU. In this paper, we apply a novel geo-visualization technique that combines local indicators of spatial association (LISAs) with directional statistics to a unique dataset in order to explore the spatial dimensions of regional income inequalities in Canada from 1981 to 2016. After describing a pattern of growing spatial divergence among regions, we briefly discuss the need for the federal government to explore new types of place-sensitive development policies.

Sébastien Breau, September 29, 2020 »