June 22, 2021

Higgs II Polimeter: 80 New Promises

Moncton, NB – The Donald J. Savoie Institute (DJSI) launches its Higgs II Polimeter to measure the Progressive Conservative government’s success at fulfilling its electoral promises during its second term.

The Polimeter team has identified 80 promises made during the 2020 electoral campaign, from the party’s platform and press releases. To date, 6 promises have been fulfilled, 1 is partially fulfilled, 19 are in progress, 54 are not yet rated, and none have been broken.

“What strikes us is the relatively small number of campaign promises: 80. It will be recalled that during the 2018 elections, the Progressive Conservative Party made 174 promises!” notes Gabriel Arsenault, associate professor of political science at the Université de Moncton and research fellow at the DJSI.

The Polimeter team will conduct regular updates that consider new actions taken by the government in pursuit of its campaign promises. Each assessment made by the team is supported by official government records or by media reporting on government actions. The latest updates, as well as the Polimeter’s methodology, are available on the DJSI website.

Developed by Vox Pop Labs and the Centre for the Analysis of Public Policy (CAPP) at the Université Laval, the new web application offers new sorting and filtering functions. Internet users can follow the evolution of the fulfillment of promises over time, view documents supporting the verdicts and explore the performance of other governments. Polimeters have tracked government commitments at the federal level and in Quebec since 2013, and New Brunswick since 2019.


Gabriel Arsenault

(506) 233-1053