Governance in the Twenty-first Century: Revitalizing the Public Service

Edited by B. Guy Peters and Donald J. Savoie
McGill-Queen's University Press
2000, 437 pages
ISBN 0-7735-2130-5

Despite the reforms of the past several decades, more change is needed if the public sector is to be capable of producing effective and accountable government. The challenges are numerous: recruiting capable and committed public servants, adapting to evolving information technologies, managing changing intergovernmental relations, and, perhaps most importantly, holding the reformed administrative structures accountable to both political demands and legal standards. The essays in Governance in the Twenty-first Century examine the changes required to revitalize government in Canada and other industrial democracies.

"Governance in the Twenty-first Century provides very well-informed, timely, and insightful analyses of many of the important issues facing the public service, with valuable discussions of how to respond to these challenges." Hal G. Rainey, Political Science, University of Georgia.

About the Author: Donald Savoie holds the Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance (Tier 1) at the Université de Moncton. He has won numerous awards, including the 2016 Donner Prize for What Is Government Good At? He has been made an Officer of the Order of Canada (1993), elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (1992), and received seven honorary doctorates from Canadian universities.