February 2013, 134 pagesR ECONOMIQUE IPE PM

Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, Mario Polèse et Richard Shearmur

The report offers an analysis of the structural changes to regional economies in Canada since the mid-1980s, with an emphasis on the evolution of infra-provincial regions. It is essentially based on census and Labour Force Survey (LFS) data. We analyze the major trends found in Canada’s rural regions. Although certain Canadian provinces, territories and regions had a solid performance, superior to that of other regions, the economic performance of infra-provincial regions varies greatly. Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of the recent recession, using LFS data, which provide more complete information than the census.

Statistical Appendix

The report includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction: An Overview of Some Recent Trends

Chapter 2 – Agglomeration: The Continuing Importance of Cities                                

Chapter 3 – Geography, Accessibility and Geo-structural Forces: An Econometric Approach

Chapter 4 – Location and Industrial Structure                                                                 

Chapter 5 – Amenities and the Residential Economy                                                      

Chapter 6 – The Geography of Economic Inequality in Canada                                     

Chapter 7 – Canada’s Nothern Economy – New (and different) Challenges                

Chapter 8 – Conclusion: Directions for Future Research