2001, 200 pages

Collection Maritimes


The Robichaud Era, 1960-70 - Colloquium Proceedings
2001, 200 pages
ISBN 0-88659-067-1

Table of Contents

Preface, Donald J. Savoie 

Introduction, Roger Ouellette 

1. The Programme of Equal Opportunity: An Overview, Robert A. Young

2. The Robichaud Period and Politics in Acadia, Joseph Yvon Thériault 

3. Modernizing New Brunswick's Public Administration: The Robichaud Model, Pier Bouchard et Sylvain Vézina 

4. Culture and Official Languages, Robert Pichette

5. The State as the Engine of Development: Louis Robichaud and New Brunswick, Maurice Beaudin

6. Louis Robichaud and Frank McKenna : two Approaches to the Francophonie, Chedly Belkhodja et Roger Ouellette

7. The Right Responds to Change: Opposition to the Robichaud Reforms in New Brunswick, Chedly Belkhodja

8. The 1967 Municipal Reform in New Brunswick, Georges Cyr

 9. Louis Robichaud and the constitutional Debate, Wendell Fulton

 10. Education Reforms in New Brunswick, 1960-70, Alcide Godin

11. The Robichaud Legacy: What Remains?, Michel Cormier