Bibliography on Regional Development (bilingual)

348 pages
Publisher: Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development
ISBN 0-88659-005-1

The main purpose of this bibliography is to provide a comprehensive reference tool to scholars, students and practitioners who, up to now, have had only partial bibliographies at their disposal. The bibliography is divided into four main parts: general information and bibliographies; economics and spatio-economics; policy, public and parapublic administration; social. This division reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the subject.

Table of Contents
1. Généralités et bibliographies / General Information and Bibliographies
2. Économique et spatio-économique / Economics and Spatio-Economics
3. Politique, secteur public et parapublic / Policy, Public and Parapublic Administration
4. Social / Social
5. Index thématique et géographique / Thematic and Geographic Index

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