The rise-and fall? of Montreal: A case study of urban growth, regional economic expansion, and national development

Benjamin Higgins

256 pages
Publisher: Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development
ISBN 0-88659-004-3

The author examines some fundamental questions about the role of Montreal, its economic impact on Quebec and about linkages between it and other major urban centres. He provides an important critique of some prominent theories of regional development, notably the growth center theory. Skillfully weaving different theories and approaches, he presents a new strategy for urban, regional and national planning.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Montreal as Canada‘s Metropolis
2. The Rise of Montreal
3. The Decline of Montreal
4. Montreal in the Quebec Economy
5. Growth and Change: Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6. Prognosis for Montreal: “Fall” or Renaissance?
7. A Strategy for the Renaissance of Montreal

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