Telecommunications: A Strategic Perspective on Regional, Economic and Business Development

Maurice F. Estabrooks, Rodolphe H. Lamarche

225 pages
Publisher: Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development
ISBN 0-88659-011-6

This book contains a special selection of papers presented at an international conference sponsored by the federal Department of Communications and the Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development in November 1986. The book takes a strategic perspective on telecommunications and its role in economic development and business planning and provides one of the most complete overviews in print of the growing importance of telecommunications in these fields. It should appeal to business people, academics, policy makers and individuals with interests in business planning, urban and regional planning, sociology, political science and public policy.

Table of Contents
I. Historical, Technological, and Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Telecommunications
II. Telecommunications and Urban and Regional Development
III. Telecommunications and International Development
IV. Telecommunications and Business Development

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