Cold-Water Aquaculture in Atlantic Canada (collective work)

Andrew D. Boghen
2e édition
1995, 672 pages
ISBN 0-88659-033-7

Cold-Water Aquaculture in Atlantic Canada provides an overview of all facets of the aquaculture industry in Eastern Canada. It offers a balanced view of the species that either are in commercial production now or have a potential for growth in the future. The book also examines the various socio-economic and environmental issues that are influencing the direction and development of the industry.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The State of Aquaculture in Atlantic Canada, A. D. Boghen

Part 1: The Species
1. Salmon Aquaculture: Present Status and Prospects for the Future, R. L. Saunders
2. Arctic Charr Curlture in Atlantic Canada, J. Delabbio
3. Trout Culture in Atlantic Canada, P. Dubé and E. Mason
4. Culture of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus, S. L. Waddy and D. E. Aiken
5. Culture of the American Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, R. E. Lavoie
6. Culture of the Belon Oyster, Ostrea edulis, in Nova Scotia, G. F. Newkirk, B. C. Muise, and C. E. Enright
7. The Culture of the Blue Mussel in Atlantic Canada, A. Mallet and B. Myrand
8. Scallop Culture in Atlantic Canada, C. Couturier, P. Dabinett, and M. Lanteigne
9. New Candidate Species for Aquaculture, J. Brown, M. Helm, and J. Moir
10. Culture of Irish Moss, J. S. Craigie and P. F. Shacklock

Part 2: Socio-Economic Factors & Environmental Considerations
11. Aquaculture Technology: Its Application, Development, and Transfer, H. Rosenthal, J. H. Allen, M. M. Helm, and M. McInerney-Northcott
12. Aquaculture and the Environment, H. Tosenthal, D. J. Scarratt, and M. McInerney-Northcott
13. Roles of Government Agencies in Aquaculture Development in Atlantic Canada: Regulations and Incentives, R. H. Cook and F. J. Simpson
14. Aquaculture Rights: When the Tide Turns, B. H. Wildsmith
15. The Economics of Aqualculture, N. B. Ridler
16. A Strategic Approach to Marketing Aquaculture Products, R. Harris
17. Conflict Resolution in Aquaculture: A Matter of Trust, C. Millar and D. E. Aiken

Conclusion, R. E. Drinnan


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